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Authored by Markus Rast. The past summer, SGT group members spent another field season in southern Alaska. While my colleagues Prof. Dr. Whitney Behr and Lonnie Hufford are almost real Alaskans, it was the first time for me in the US state that is also called the ‘Last Frontier’. When I arrived, they already spent one week to get familiar

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Planes, Boats, and Automobiles

Authored by Lonnie Hufford. This post is about my second field season in Alaska. You can read about my first field season here: Prof. Whitney Behr, Dr. Mark Helper, Dr. Zoe Braden, and I completed another field season this past summer in southern Alaska. Over the course of a month, we traveled the Kenai Peninsula using boats, planes, and

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PackRafts on the Limmat

No field work in Alaska for SGT this year, but that means that our research team has extra time to practice their water-based field techniques. This past week, the Alaska team – along with a couple of other intrepid SGT explorers – tested out their Alpacka pack rafts on the Limmat here in Zürich. Their serene two hour float in

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