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First data from the Mojave Broadband Seismic Experiment, southern California

The first round of data has now been collected from our Mojave Broadband Seismic Experiment, funded by the Southern California Earthquake Center and the Jackson School of Geosciences, in collaboration with colleagues Thorsten Becker and Rob Porritt (U. Texas Austin), and Vera Schulte-Pelkam (U. Colorado Boulder).  Our primary goals with this project are to understand 1) the localisation of strain

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Mèlange, Glaciers & Bears, Oh My!

That pretty much sums up recent field work along the Kenai Peninsula in southern Alaska, USA, where I spent 16 days in July with UT Austin colleague Mark Helper and former UT M.S. student Kory Kirchner.  Our aim was a reconnaissance study of the Chugach accretionary complex, both along Turnagain Arm near Anchorage and along the southern Kenai Peninsula across

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