Petrological Equipment

Research in the Structural Geology and Tectonics Group focuses on rock behavior over a wide range of pressures and temperatures. We have two dedicated microscopes (Leica DM2700M and Leica DM6) with high resolution cameras and a registered stage to scan full thin sections.

We are also collaborating with ETH’s High Pressure Group on both our experimental and field-based research. The High Pressure Group investigates the evolution of the Earth through experimental research using state-of-the-art experimental facilities that are capable of simulating pressure and temperature conditions relevant to the Earth’s crust and mantle. They also hosts a suite of state-of-the-art analytical equipment.

Analytical Equipment

Electron Microscopy Lab

Powder X-ray Diffraction

X-ray Fluorescence Analysis

Raman Spectroscopy

Optical Microscopy

Experimental Equipment

Multi-anvil Presses



Cold-Seal Pressure Vessels

One-Atmosphere Gas Mixing Furnaces