Lithosphere Dynamics Seminar

The SGT seminar will be back for the spring semester of 2023.

Follow this seminar page to find further information about our upcoming seminars.

Seminars are held at 16.00 CET, in NO E 39 unless otherwise noted below. Please contact the organiser, Betti Hegyi if you are interested in attending.

Djordje Grujic from Dalhousie University will join us on the first seminar of the semester. Title of the presentation: Spatial and temporal stress change along a continental megathrust: case study across the Main Central Thrust in the Himalaya.
Francesco Giuntoli from the University of Bologna will join us on November 11. Title of the presentation: A Record of Deep Episodic Tremor and Slow Slip Events in the Northern Apennines.
Simon Schorn from the University of Graz will join us on November 25. Title of the presentation: Eclogitization of mafic and felsic protoliths – externally- vs. internally-sourced H2O.