Lithosphere Dynamics Seminar

Thank you all for joining us during the spring semester. The SGT seminar will be back for the Fall Semester of 2023.

Follow this seminar page to find further information about our upcoming seminars.

Seminars are held at 16.00 CET, in NO E 39 unless otherwise noted below. Please contact Betti Hegyi if you are interested in attending.

Claudia Trepmann from LMU München will join us on March 10. Title of the talk: Long-term creep and transient high-stress deformation in seismically active shear zones.
Daniele Maestrelli from IGG Florence will join us on March 17. Title of the talk: Modelling Rift-Rift-Rift Triple Junctions.
Samuel Angiboust from ENS Lyon will join us on April 21. He will give two short talks, titled "Eclogite vugs reveal the permeability of subducted oceanic crust" and "Quakes and fluids in the mantle wedge: Tales from exhumed jadeitites".