SGT @ AGU2020

Everyone’s tuning into AGU2020 over the next couple of weeks! If you want to catch up with what the Structure and Tectonics Group is up to, click on the titles below to check out our posters and talks.

Thursday, 10 Dec
Comparing quartz-in-garnet elastic barometry to conventional thermobarometers for rocks from diverse tectonic settings
Miguel Cisneros & Whitney Behr

Friday, 11 Dec
Modelling Effects of Olivine Grain Size Evolution on Upper Mantle Dynamics
Jonas Ruh, Leif Tokle, and Whitney Behr

Monday, 14 Dec
Seismic and Transient Slip Characteristics of Heterogeneous Frictional-Viscous Shear Zones
Whitney Behr and Taras Gerya

Wednesday, 16 Dec
Strain localisation on the shallow subduction interface
Zoe Braden and Whitney Behr

Experimental Investigation of Glaucophane Rheology through Shear and Axial Compression Griggs Apparatus Experiments on Hot-Pressed Aggregates
Lonnie Hufford, Leif Tokle, and Whitney Behr

Seismic signature of a fossil subduction interface shear zone in the Condrey Mountain Schist, northern California
Carolyn Tewksbury-Christle and Whitney Behr

The rheology and mechanical anisotropy of a foliated blueschist
Leif Tokle, Lonnie Hufford, and Whitney Behr

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