SGT @SGM 2022

If you want to catch up with the members of the group during the Swiss Geoscience meeting, check out our talks and posters! For the full SGM program, click here!

Saturday November 19th


08:30-08:45: Lonnie Hufford, Leif Tokle, Whitney Behr, Claudio Madonna

Experimental Investigation of Glaucophane Deformation and Rheology Through General Shear Experiments

10:45-11:00: Jesús Muñoz-Montecinos, Whitney Behr

Permeability and Fluid Flow in the deep Slow Slip and Tremor Source: Insights From the Cycladic Blueschists (Greece)

11:00-11:15 Alberto Ceccato, Whitney Behr, Alba Zappone

Structural evolution of the Rotondo granite (val Bedretto, Gotthard massif): implications for alpine tectonics and shear zone evolution in the External Crystalline Massifs


P 1.1: Vénice Akker, Whitney Behr, Markus Rast, Lonnie Hufford, Zoe Braden

How sediments control deformation along a subduction margin – the Chugach accretionary prism, Alaska (USA)

P 1.14: Markus Rast, Claudio Madonna, Paul Selvadurai, Quinn Wenning, Jonas Ruh, Salazar Vásquez A.

Can the build-up of swelling stress in clay-rich rocks induce slip along faults?

P 1.18: Jonas Ruh

Grain size reduction undermines the importance of viscous shear heating in lithospheric mantle shear zones

P 1.21: Leif Tokle, Whitney Behr, Zoe Braden, Miguel Cisneros

Structural Mapping of the Eclogite Zone, Tauern Window: Implications for the rheology of the subduction zone interface

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