Come see the Behr Group at AGU 2018!

The American Geophysical Union Fall meeting starts on Monday, and we’re excited to share our latest research with you. Come see our talks and posters!

Rachel Bernard

Thursday, 13 Dec @ 8:15
Relationships between  olivine LPO and deformation conditions in naturally deformed rocks and implications for mantle seismic anisotropy

Thursday, 13 Dec @ 9:00
(coauthor, presented by Nick Dygert)
Xenolith constraints on deformation conditions and mechanisms in the lower mantle lithosphere

Alissa Kotowski

Monday, 10 Dec @ 10:46
Engaging high school students from underrepresented minorities in the geosciences through graduate student-led, challenge-based learning

Monday, 10 Dec @ 1:40 – 6:00
Preliminary petrologic and microstructural characterization of a metamorphic section beneath the Samail (Oman) Ophiolite: results from the Oman Drilling Project Hole BT1B

Carolyn Tewksbury-Christle

Tuesday, 11 Dec @ 12:05
Rheology of the downdip extent of a subduction megathrust: underplating history and the role of serpentine in the Condrey Mountain Schist, northern California