Silvia Volante

Silvia Volante specialises in structural geology and metamorphic petrology, with a strong field background in polymetamorphic terrains. During her BSc and MSc studies at the University of Milan (Italy), Silvia applied a multi-scale approach based on petro-structural mapping of complex lithostratigraphies, micro-structural and petrological analysis, and thermobarometry to investigate the tectono-metamorphic evolution of the Argentera–Mercantour Massif in the Western Alps. In September 2016, she started her Ph.D. at Curtin University in the Earth-Dynamics Research Group during which she investigated the tectonic-metamorphic and magmatic evolution of northern Queensland during the Palaeo–Mesoproterozoic supercontinent Nuna. During this time, she integrated the multi-scale petro-structural approach with tools including geochemistry, geochronology, and phase equilibria modelling. In May 2020, Silvia started a postdoc in the Tectonics & Resources group at RUB (Germany) where she investigated early Earth processes in Archean reworked terrains. In Summer 2022, Silvia was granted a DFG-funded project to study the processes associated with crustal growth during the Archean. Silvia joined the SGT group in February 2023, where she will keep on applying a multi-scale and -tool approach to investigated poly-deformed and -metamorphosed histories of Archean and Proterozoic terrains. 

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