Jesús Muñoz Montecinos

In 2017 Jesús received his Bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences at the Andres Bello University, Chile. Then, after being awarded the MIEM Excellence Scholarship, Jesús got involved in the International Master (2017-2018) and then in the PhD program (2018-2021) at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris. There, under the supervision of Pr. Samuel Angiboust and Pr. Antonio Garcia-Casco, Jesús studied the ophiolitic complexes of Central Chile and the Zagros Orogen (Southeastern Iran). His research focused on characterizing the products of fluid-rock interaction, in particular high pressure-low temperature metamorphic veins, and constraining feedbacks between fluid flow and brittle-ductile deformation at depths where episodic tremor and slip events occur. His research interests include: the effects of seamount subduction on mass transfer to high pressure conditions; intermediate-depths seismicity; the chemical-mechanical role of fluids released during the blueschist-to-eclogite transition; the petrophyisical properties of exhumed lithologies containing structural anisotropies. Jesús has experience in field work in remote areas such as the Chilean Patagonia. In 2022 he will begin a post-doctoral position in the SGT group working with Pr. Whitney Behr.

You can find Jesus’s contact info here.