Dominic Hildebrandt

Dominic graduated with a Bachelor in Geosciences with a focus on Geology and Paleontology from LMU and TU Munich, Germany in 2020. He is interested in a wide range of earth processes, which he investigates with modern geological and geochemical methods. In his Bachelor’s project he worked on Quaternary terrestrial carbonates in southern Bavaria as archives for local to continental-scale paleoenvironmental perturbations, thereby also shedding new light on general aspects for the genesis of such deposits. Furthermore, he contributed to a DFG-funded project on cosmogenic nuclide dating techniques, in particular in-situ 36Cl dating of erratic boulders. He completes his Master’s degree in Geology at ETH with a project within the SGT Group under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Whitney Behr. In his project, he investigates multi-kilometer-scale lithospheric heterogeneities of the Kampos Belt in northern Syros, which is a deeply exhumed blueschist to eclogite-facies tectonic mélange. For his research, he will combine geological mapping, 3D modeling as well as petrographic and structural thin section analysis. Eventually, this work will improve understanding the spatial configurations of geologic materials and rheologies controlling slow slip and tremor in deep subduction settings.

More information can be found on Dominic’s website.