Derek Neuharth

Derek Neuharth graduated from the University of Idaho in 2018 (M.Sc.), where he worked with Dr. Eric Mittelstaedt on investigating temporal variations in the volcanic production of thermal plumes using 2D numerical models. After this he started his PhD at the GFZ with Dr. Sascha Brune and Dr. Anne Glerum, where he continued his modelling work with a shift in focus towards the evolution of plate boundaries influenced by erosion and deposition. This involved characterizing types of linkage between offset rifts, modelling the formation of flexural strike-slip basins, and quantitative analysis of fault-system evolution in rift models subjected to varying amounts of sedimentation. Next, he will begin working with Dr. Whitney Behr, Dr. Adam Holt, and the SGT group to investigate convergent boundaries and subduction dynamics.

You can find Derek’s contact info here.