Alberto Ceccato

Alberto Ceccato obtained his Master degree (M.Sc., 2014) and Ph.D. (2018) from the University of Padua, under the supervision of Prof. Giorgio Pennacchioni. During his Master and Ph.D. projects, he analysed the fluid-rock interaction and ductile strain localization processes in some selected granitoid rocks of the Eastern Alps (Adamello, Rieserferner Plutons and Tauern Window). In 2018, he moved to Plymouth University to work with Prof. Luca Menegon as Research Assistant on the tectonic reconstruction of the Arctic Caledonides, and to develop a series of nanoindentation experiments on low-temperature rheology of quartz. From 2019 to 2021, he worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Bologna, under the supervision of Prof. Giulio Viola, investigating the petrophysical properties of fractured and weathered crystalline basement units located in Norway. Alberto’s research interests revolve around the multi-scale characterization of the effects of fluid-rock interaction processes on the rheological and petrophysical properties of the continental crust. His research involves the integration of extensive field and virtual outcrop analyses, numerical (DFN) modelling, and microstructural (EBSD), and petrological characterization of natural rock samples. Alberto is currently involved in the geological characterization of the ductile and brittle shear zones affecting the Piz Rotondo metagranite hosting the Bedretto Underground Laboratory.

More information can be found at Alberto’s website, and you can find Alberto’s contact info here.