Alba Zappone

Portrait of Alba ZapponeAlba Zappone graduated from the Earth Science Department, University of Milan, Italy, with a thesis based on mapping part of the Serie dei Laghi, a poly-metamorphic terrain in the South Alpine domain. During her PhD at the Institute of Geophysics of the Italian National Research Council, she focused on the relations between microstructures and seismic behavior of metamorphic rocks, with the aid of seismic field measurements. The link between physical parameters and microstructures became her main scientific interest – in particular, the aspect of upscaling from laboratory experiments to field observations – and remains a focal point in Alba’s research. When she joined ETHZ, Alba was involved in induced seismicity research activities. Currently, she work under the umbrella of the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research-Supply of Electricity on projects concerning Enhanced Geothermal Systems and Carbon Capture and Sequestration. She is also developing a database of physical properties of rocks in cooperation with the Swiss Geophysical Commission.

More information can be found at Alba’s website.